San Diego Personal Injury & Family Law Attorney, Edward Summers

I am here to minimize the emotional stress and acrimony that too often dominate legal disputes.  Every client will be led through the following process:

•  Issue Assessment:  My job is to understand your case completely. First, I want to understand your whole story, what you value most, and where all parties stand on the issues.  Once the picture is clear, we can talk strategy.

•  Goal Assessment:  After clarifying the issues, I focus on your goals.  What do you want?   Family cases may include a broad range of goals such as child custody visitation determinations and modifications, financial protection and property division, to name a few.  I am only interested in proposing solutions to opposing counsel, mediators, and the court that support the future you envision.

•  Risk Assessment:  Every decision comes with risk, and implications that lead to more decisions. I will show you how every choice affects your bottom line and every person in your family.  I will work to translate risk into opportunities.

•  Legal Plan:  I am a lawyer driven by solutions.  I focus every part of my strategy on how to achieve your goals and support what you value most.

On the left side of this page you will find links to short essays on specific legal issues; it may be helpful to you to first familiarize yourself with the issues that are relevant to your situation before calling me so that you may narrow your conversation and make better use of your time.

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